Morris: Government should reconsider move towards online payments methods

Photo: Cllr Séamie Morris

A Tipperary County Councillor says state bodies are not living in the real world.

Independent Nenagh based representative Seamie Morris says the increasing move towards online interaction between state agencies and the public is an issue.

His comments come as Revenue is about to start contacting 1.4 million homeowners to tell them to pay the property tax.

Speaking on Tipp Today Councillor Morris said the push towards getting people to engage online hasn’t been thought through.

“State bodies tend to rely heavily on online activity and I think they don’t live in the real world. There are some places in Tipperary where you have very poor broadband. You also have people who just haven’t embraced the internet or online activity and they prefer to go in and physically pay something or have it taken out of their wages.

“They’re asking people to do something but they’re not giving them the way of doing it.”