Eir excuses not good enough

Photo © eir.ie

A local Eir customer says she took little solace from the telecom company’s explanation for shortcomings in its customer service.

The company has come under heavy criticism among customers and in the Dáil for its response times in dealing with phone and broadband issues.

Eir CEO Carolan Lennon apologised yesterday, saying closed stores, remote working and a hiring freeze hindered their efforts this year.

Geraldine Shanahan, who lives near Knockavilla and runs the Coachman’s Pub in Clonmel, was without phone or internet coverage at her home for seven weeks during the summer.

She doesn’t think that explanation holds much water.

“We’re all going through Covid and there’s lot of other businesses in her league going through it as well and they’re all able to manage.”

“We all have to work around these difficult times that we’re going through – they’re a big company and have the best of technology. They’re able to make €220 million in three months. I mean it doesn’t make sense.”