TD claims South Tipperary is getting a raw deal in Council merger.

A Tipperary Deputy has claimed that there is a huge bias towards North Tipperary in the merger of the County's Local Authorities.

Despite claims to the contrary in North Tipp, Mattie McGrath says that it's South Tipp that’s getting the raw deal.

The South Tipp Independent Deputy says that under the new Local Government plans, South Tipperary will end up being the poor relation, in terms of services and decision making.

The plans suggest that Council functions will be divided between Nenagh and Clonmel, with a certain level of customer service available at both. But Mattie McGrath says this isn't happening, and South Tipp is losing more.

He also queried the appointment of North Tipp Chairman Joe McGrath, to steer the merger implementation group, as he says its now looking like Joe McGrath will end up being a dual manager of both Councils.

Deputy McGrath says he will raise these concerns in the Dail this week.