Survivor of Tipperary mother and baby home frustrated that report may now be delayed further

The survivor of a local mother and baby home is expecting further delays to the publication of the report by the Commission of Investigation.

Teresa Collins, who was born at Sean Ross in Roscrea, is frustrated by Children’s Minister Roderic O’Gorman’s response to questioning by Sinn Féin TD Martin Browne.

The Minister states that he expects to receive the report at the end of October but says procedural matters must be addressed before the Government approves its publication.

Teresa is concerned that this may add further delays to an already lengthy process.

She’s requesting that, at least, excerpts relevant to her case would be made available:

“Martin [Browne’s] secretary has actually written back to Roderic O’Gorman and emailed him to ask him if there’s any chance that we could have a look at the report before it does actually go back to the government – to have a look maybe and see about Sean Ross.

“But look it, we could be grasping at straws. We’ll have to wait for that one to come back to us.”

Teresa says she doesn’t know when the document might actually be made public now:

“The report will be finished alright but Roderic O’Gorman has to pass it on to the government for approval to be published.

“Again, another blow-back for us. Another time spent waiting. And of course, the government might decide not to publish it at all – it’ll be in their hands then and that will be their decision.”