St Brigid’s Car Convoy Protest for St Patrick’s Day

St Brigid's Hospital, Carrick-on-Suir | Google Maps

The fight for St Brigids Hospital in Carrick on Suir continues with a car convoy protest this Patricks Day.

With all parades cancelled again this year, community groups in Carrick on Suir are using the opportunity to stage a car protest convoy through the streets of Carrick, to highlight their anger at the closure of services at the facility.

St Brigids was previously used for respite and palliative care but that stopped when the HSE announced it would be using the hospital for Covid patients, which never happened.

The move was being seen locally as an effort to downgrade and eventually close the hospital.

Speaking to Tipp Today this morning, Councillor David Dunne said the fight will continue and when asked if the people of Carrick were losing the will to fight, he said they remained hopeful but realistic.

When asked if he would ever accept the end, Councillor David Dunne said they wwere hopeful but realistic.