South Tipp village takes first steps towards developing community projects

Photo from Google Maps

The people of Ballylooby have established a steering committee to bring about change in their village.

There was a public meeting last night, which aimed to set up a community council, however a steering committee was set up instead.

A list of projects was compiled looking at things like making better use of the hall, traffic management, night classes and a walkway, among others.

Local resident Lina Ryan spoke on Tipp Today earlier about how well the meeting went and what was achieved.

“Everybody gave us ideas of what they would like for their village and what they wanted and we came up with 25 items that we will explore.

“We didn’t actually set up a community council, we set up a steering committee to bring it forward to the next step, work for a couple of months, and identify from the 25 projects that were put up, something to start off with.

“We’re all new to community council and there’s lots of rules and regulations and we’re all new to it.

“It was a baby step, but a huge baby step.”