South Tipp Creche left ‘disheartened’ following vandalism

Ballyporeen Creche Vandalism - Happy Days Facebook page

A South Tipp Creche was left ‘disheartened’ following vandalism over the weekend.

Happy Days Creche in Ballyporeen had erected a marquee last week to celebrate the pre-school room’s graduation on Thursday, and planned to leave it in place for he children for the rest of the summer.

However, on Friday staff found that overnight the marquee had been turned upside down, with a number of poles damaged, and heavy tables upturned on the tent.

While the community came to support the staff and clear the area, Maeve Hanley the assistant manager at the creche said there is such community spirit in the area they are at a loss as to who would do this.

” What would someone gain from doing it we’re a small community… we just really don’t see why someone would go out of their way to do something like that.”

Usually the marquee would be left up for the children but the extensive damage requires repair.

Maeve says the positive part of it is the support they received from the community after it happened and thanked all of those who came by to lend a hand in the clean up.

” Within 5 minutes of messages going out I had parents ringing me… within half an hour people were arriving, so many parents came. We had it sorted within an hour I’d say.”