Son of Hilary Smith who was found dead in Cloneen thanks community

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The son of Hilary Smith -who was found dead at her home in Cloneen last year- has thanked the South Tipp Community.

Both Hilary and her husband Nicholas Smith were discovered at their house in Rossane outside the village at least a year after deaths in a mummified condition.

The shocking discovery of the British couple rocked the county back in June of 2022 with a great deal of mystery surrounding the case.

There was a recent inquest held in Clonmel and during this an Open Verdict was recorded.

It was established that Nicholas Smith died as a result of severe coronary artery disease however, the State Pathologist couldn’t ascertain the cause of death of Hillary Smith, because of severe decomposition of the body but said there was no evidence of outside involvement or injuries or trauma.

During the course of the investigation a man came forward from the UK, and through DNA and documentation it was confirmed that he was the biological son of Hilary Smith.

Michael Knowles was unable to attend the inquest due to ill health but in a statement to Tipp FM last evening he thanked all the people in Cloneen who showed their kindness and offered to pay for his mother and step father’s funeral if relatives were not found.

He said that he understands something like this would have shocked the community and he hopes that what has happened will bring the people of Cloneen closer.

He also wants to say a special thanks to the Gardai- especially the detectives who were involved – acknowledging and stating that it must have been horrific for them.

Michael concludes his statement by saying both Nicholas and Hilary are beloved Angels in Heaven and he hopes they may both be together as they rest in peace.