Smyth: security of long-term stay beds at Dean Maxwell has “a long way to go”

A local councillor has said security of long-term stay beds at the Dean Maxwell in Roscrea has “a long way to go”.

Cllr Michael Smyth says while the recent meeting with the Taoiseach at the facility had positive contributions, another meeting is scheduled for 3 months’ time.

He says this is to allow the HSE to review the plans that were put forward.

The Fianna Fáil councillor says it’s very important to him that there is investment for the Dean Maxwell from his party:

“It’s very important for the next few months that the engagements going on with the HSE, it was constructive at that meeting, but it needs to follow through. There’s a long way to go. To me, it’s most important that there is investment.

“It’s very important for me, as a public representative, that Fianna Fáil, who is part of this government, gives a significant investment and a commitment to Dean Maxwell. That’s crucially important for me, as a councillor of the last 18 years, that this is delivered upon for the town of Roscrea.”