Significant drop in dole queues across Tipperary.

Figures released from the CSO show that over 1,200 fewer people are signing on across the Premier County compared with August.

Numbers at all social welfare offices across the county fell significantly with Thurles down 260 while the smallest drop was in Cashel where 80 people left the register.

Figures in the North of the county fell by 657 while South Tipp's dole queues fell by 588 between August and September this year.

Nenagh and Clonmel had over 200 fewer people signing on, while Roscrea, Carrick-on-Suir and Tipp Town's figures fell by over 100. 91 people left the register in Cahir.

Traditionally, the number of people on the dole falls significantly at this time of year as students return to third-level education, teachers not in permanent positions go back to school and emigration.

Overall, there are over 14 thousand people claiming some form of unemployment benefit in Tipperary.