Shortfalls in services for diabetics in UHL raised by Tipperary TD in Dáil

Photo © Pat Flynn

Shortfalls in services for adult diabetes patients in the mid-west have been raised in the Dáil by Tipperary TD Michael Lowry.

The independent deputy says there’s no specialist dietician in University Hospital Limerick to attend to the needs of long-term or newly diagnosed adult Type 1 patients.

That’s despite around 20,000 registered diabetes patients across Tipp, Limerick and Clare.

Funding was provided in December to recruit three additional dieticians, and the HSE says that recruitment for two of those posts are at an advanced stage.

Deputy Lowry says the delays are “cold comfort to patients”:

“Allow me to quote from just one of the many patients who’ve contacted my office seeking help.

“‘I feel as a patient that the HSE is letting us diabetics down as they are not providing us with the services which are very important to us to live as normal a life as possible and to avoid long term complications.

“‘UHL is a regional hospital that cover Limerick, Clare and Tipperary and over 20,000 diabetics live within these counties.

“‘It’s a disgrace that we are being left behind compared to similar sized hospitals that offer several services to diabetics.'”