Senator highlights Tipperary attack while urging for stronger action on dog thefts

Photot © Pixabay

The case of a local woman who was attacked by dog thieves recently has been raised in the Seanad.

Dog theft has become a hot topic recently amid claims that it’s on the rise in Tipperary and across the country.

Animal welfare campaigners and Gardaí are urging owners to make sure their animals are never left unattended.

Senator David Norris has been speaking in the upper house of the Oireachtas about the problem:

“A woman walking her dogs in the woods in Tipperary was approached by two men who instructed their trained fighting dogs to attack her in order for them to steal her own dogs.

“Dog thieves are actually flying drones over housing estates to locate dogs and to mark houses where the dogs are available for theft. So I’m asking that this situation be looked into. I understand that legislation has been proposed in the other house (Dáil) and I’d like to ask that this House would support that in order to protect family pets.”