Sean Ross survivor says many questions remains over Mother and Baby Homes

Photo: Adoption Rights Alliance

A survivor of the Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea has spoken of her experience in the home.

Emer Quirke – who is a member of the Sean Ross Commemorative group – says the mothers had no say in anything that happened.

“I was taken over and baptised in Sean Ross Abbey Church when I was there for about two day. When I met my mother five years ago she never knew I was baptised.”

“When I looked for my mother I found that I had no birth cert – my birth was never registered.”

“When I went to the Commission of Investigation I asked my mother to write for her information to the Adoption Authority because she’s entitled to anything she signed. I went with her to the Adoption Authority and they showed her the consent form and they said there’s exactly where you signed and she said sorry that’s not my signature.”