Roadside dumping becoming a major issue in Thurles Municipal District

Photo © Tipp FM

Dumping has become a major issue on the roadsides in the Thurles District.

At this month’s meeting of the Municipal District, councillors unanimously agreed that dumping on approach roads to Thurles was something that needed to be addressed for the area.

Councillor Seamus Hanafin said there have been incidents where bags are thrown from cars and the contents are discarded all over roads.

Director of Services for Environment and Climate Action, Water Services, and Human Resources, Eamon Longeran, agreed that they needed to be tidied up but also said that the root of the problem was behavioral and that this also needed to be addressed.

Councillor Noel Coonan suggested Garda link with the council in a bid to tackle illegal dumping, which Eamon Lonergan agreed was a good course of action to deter dumpers.

Eamon Longeran also said he would ensure there would be an appropriate response from the council to the dumping.