Tipperary Gardaí commence Covid-19 checkpoints across the county

Photo © Tipp FM

Motorists are being warned to approach Garda Covid-19 checkpoints with extreme caution due to the poor driving conditions in many parts of Tipperary.

High visibility patrols and checkpoints are being rolled out as part of increased restrictions introduced by the Government to tackle the spread of the virus.

Inspector James White of Thurles Garda station says the snow and ice on roads across the county needs to be taken into consideration today.

“Start your braking well in advance of approaching the checkpoint. My colleagues will be well lit up – they will be wearing fluorescent clothing.”

“Be conscious of them as you approach but also other road users.”

“In relation to the advice – it’s quite simple. Do not leave your home unless it is absolutely necessary.”

“You’re talking about 5 kilometres from your home, you’re talking about going for an essential service, you’re talking about going for your groceries or whatever.”

“But the bottom line is the advice to all people to stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary.”