Tipp Garda Chief urges drivers not to warn others of speed checks

Tipperary drivers are being urged to stop flashing lights to warn oncoming traffic of speed checks.

That is the message from the Garda Divisions Chief Superintendent Derek Smart who says that this culture means there is no change in behaviour when it comes to speed on our roads.

In January this year there were 4,504 speeding detections from hand held speed monitors alone in the county and the practise of light flashing means drivers are not being educated.

Chief Superintendent Smart says there are other negative consequences that motorists may not have considered.

“There are a lot of criminals using our roads. By flashing your lights you are also telling criminals that there is a patrol car up ahead and there’s a chance maybe that they need to divert and they will go a different road.

“So it gives them that heads up as well and takes away any opportunity that we have to engage with these people.

“I get it that is sits within all of us that flash of the lights – oh great there’s something ahead I’ll slow down – but as soon as you’re gone past the van of the patrol car the speed is back up again and we run the risk of accidents occurring.”