TII and Council urged to resolve issues at South Tipp roundabout

There are renewed calls for action to be taken at a busy roundabout near Cahir which has been the scene of a litany of crashes over the years.

The latest incident at Knockagh on the N24 happened yesterday morning with two vehicles written off though thankfully there were no serious injuries.

Local Councillor Andy Moloney has long been highlighting dangers at the junction – he says its time to stop talking about it and take action.

“Engineers need to get out and have a look at the road and a bit of combined thinking come up with a solution because its obvious that its not just speed alone because some of the people that are having the tips on the roundabout are not speeding. The cars are jut going from under them and its all to do with the surface.

“Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) own the road as far as the end of the barriers and then the council take over. But the council are the ones that have the clout, that need to talk to the TII and they need to get the TII to move on it.

“But at the moment there doesn’t seem to be any joined up thinking on it.”

Andy Moloney says the amount of money spent on replacing barriers at the roundabout would have rectified safety issues at the junction.

“It’s chronic the amount of times you could see the barriers and the cones thrown up on the side of the road there.

“There was never anti-skid surface on this particular section that’s causing the problem. It was degreased previously when we required it and there is €18,000 after being given for funding now for another bit of the roadway – but that’s just for where the tarmacadam is lifting – and that’s to be welcomed.

“But this particular area there was never an anti-skid surface on it and it needs to be done on that particular area. At least try it and see does it work and if it doesn’t then we’ll know then that there’s another problem.”