Shane Ross says new drink driving plan won’t change limits

Photo © Pixabay

The Transport Minister insists his new ‘zero tolerance’ proposals on drink-driving will save peoples’ lives.

But Shane Ross faces a struggle to get his plans through the Dáil, with Fine Gael considering a free vote for its TDs.

He has been at pains to point out that his new drink driving bill will not change the current limits for blood-alcohol levels. Instead, it’s just about harder punishments for those breaking the limit that’s already there.

The bill has support from some in the opposition including Labour.

But despite it being a government proposal – and due for cabinet approval today – it may not pass. Fine Gael is considering giving TDs a free vote.

Part of that is because some rural TDs feel it could destroy the social lives of rural Ireland.

Either way the bill won’t be introduced this week – with a busy Dáil agenda before summer break, it won’t debut until September.