Ryan: Speeding cars on Bansha Road in Tipp Town a major concern

Ongoing speeding problems on the outskirts of Tipperary Town have been highlighted once again.

Independent representative Anne Marie Ryan says the issue is particularly bad on the N24 from the Bansha side with traffic not slowing down when they approach the 50 kilometre per hour limit.

It was one of the projects which was removed from the National Transport Authority’s Active Travel Funding this year.

Cllr Ryan says something badly needs to be done to slow down speeding cars.

“I am in constant touch with residents there and I drive it myself everyday and I’ve actually been overtaken within the town limits so there is a major need to put in traffic calming measures. But that was one of the projects that did lose out on Active Travel measure funding.

“Now I did speak to the Engineer and he is applying to TII to do up a design there to help with the slowing down of traffic but again we’re still waiting for that.”

Cllr Ryan says a combined effort is needed to tackle the speeding problem.

“People might argue that that’s up to the Guards but I think it’s a combination of Garda checkpoints and Active Travel measures to slow down traffic and to increase the footpath – especially if you’re coming down under the Longford Bridge – and you’re walking to school which we do have a lot of people. And for the residents that live there they’re trying to back out of their driveways onto an N24 where people are breaking the speed limit so it’s very, very difficult.”