Road safety concerns at Cashel school highlighted

Photo from Cashel Community School Facebook page

There are renewed calls for improved safety measures at a Cashel school.

Local Sinn Féin TD Martin Browne says an alternative traffic layout is urgently needed near Cashel Community School.

He says the current situation near the school on the Dualla Road is something that he and many others have been concerned about for a considerable amount of time.

“Last week there was in incident there where a young person got knocked down. It’s making it more important that we get all the stakeholders together and come up with a solution to the traffic problems there.

“It’s serious – especially at evening time when you have traffic on both sides of the road. It closes the carriageway into little more than one and a half lanes.

“It’s going to be only a matter of time – and I hope I’m wrong – before someone is fatally injured there.”

The school on the Dualla Road has in the region of 900 students.

Deputy Browne says there are a number of options to resolve the safety issues including a “bubble” roundabout where the Dualla Road meets Friar Street.

“It will get the traffic off that road quicker and there won’t be a big build up. Directly across from the school there’s a green area and I’ve been on to the council that maybe if half of that was taken away it will move one side of the traffic in further and it opens up the two carriageways fully.”