Preferred route for Cahir – Limerick Junction upgrade to be announced in May

Photo from google Maps

A decision on the route selected for the N24 upgrade between Cahir and Limerick Junction has to be finalised in May according to a local Councillor.

Fine Gael’s Michael Fitzgerald says any delay would impact badly on people hoping to build houses along any of the corridors being considered.

A number of possible route options are being considered for the upgrade of the N24 from Limerick Junction to Cahir.

Because of this the lands along those corridors have effectively been ruled out from a planning point of view.

Councillor Michael Fitzgerald says people who have gone through pre-planning for houses have been told that it was premature because of the decision awaited on the N24.

This month’s meeting of Tipperary County Council was told that the preferred choice would be announced next month.

Councillor Fitzgerald said this needs to happen as building costs continue to spiral meaning builders cannot commit to a price

He has urged officials in Tipperary County Council to push Transport Infrastructure Ireland to ensure a route is definitely confirmed next month to clear the way for planning applications on the remaining routes to progress.