People urged to report stone throwing incidents in Cashel

Photo © Pat Flynn

A Tipperary woman has spoken of her terror when stones were thrown at her car as she was about to merge onto the M8 at Junction 8 Cashel.

The windscreen of her car was shattered in the incident on Thursday afternoon.

There have been other reports of ball bearings being fired from a slingshot towards cars and pedestrians coming in and out of the services area.

Charla told Fran Curry on Tipp Today earlier that she was lucky to escape uninjured as there was a truck on the motorway at the time.

She is urging people to report such incidents.

“Someone could have been killed on the road – if I hadn’t of pulled the car out from that lorry and the lorry had hit me or struck me the lorry driver would have been blaming himself. If anything had happened to me – everything could have went so many different ways.

“And I’m not just saying it’s the Guards that need to do something – it’s people in the town as well. So many people are telling me that they don’t want to say anything because they don’t want trouble brought to their door – speak up more. Report it.”

Local community activist Liam Browne says elected representatives need to get involved.

“These people we elect to stand up on our behalf, to talk on our behalf but yet we haven’t heard a thing from them. We haven’t heard a thing from them since the weekend and they’ll tell you ‘oh we’re working with this programme and we’re working with that programme’. People need to know you’re doing it because all people can see is every day driving up and down a road having stones thrown at them and nobody helping them out. That’s seriously unfair on people.”