Ongoing call for action at junction on N24 near Tipp Town

Photo courtesy of David Moloney

The council is being called on to accept responsibility for safety measures at Barronstown Cross near Tipp Town.

David Moloney a resident and member of the N24 Facebook campaign, has been reacting following a crash over the weekend at the location which saw the road closed for approximately three hours.

He says there are fears a casualty will happen at the junction due to poor visibility and is calling on the Local Authority to carry out the required Feasibility and Options Report for TII.

Speaking to Tipp FM David said the problems with sight lines go back years and accused the council engineers of failing to own up to their mistakes.

“The engineers say first of all – we are waiting on someone else to do an audit, we are waiting on someone else to give us figures, but they won’t go out and actually look at the situation and come to the conclusion that it is dangerous and admit it. So, what I am actually saying is the first thing they have to start admitting that it is dangerous before they will even do something and then they have to admit they are responsible.”

There are fears locally that a casualty will occur before there is action on a junction near Tipp Town.

A recent Parliamentary Question stated it was the responsibility of the local authority to carry out a review before any work was considered by TII – David says the constant passing of responsibility is frustrating.

“So it’s very disappointing the fact that we raise these issues and all they are sort of doing is fobbing people off and hoping the issue will die and go away and they will do nothing about it, but we are talking about people’s lives.”

Response from Roads Section of Tipperary County Council:

In response Marcus O’ Connor Director of Services for Roads told Tipp FM that they are aware that accidents have occurred at this junction. However, it is not the worst accident blackspot in the county when it comes to traffic collisions, but they have promised to look into the accident history at Barronstown Cross in addition to other locations across the county which have been identified. Mr. O’Connor also states that this particular junction is located within the bigger N24 Scheme which currently has consultants carrying out designs for submission to An Bord Pleanála – a process which has been ongoing for the last two years.