Moloney calls for action on Cahir junction

Photo from Google Maps

Safety concerns have been raised about a busy junction on the outskirts of Cahir.

Local Councillor Andy Moloney highlighted the situation at the entrance to Butler Court on the Clonmel road in the town claiming a serious accident is likely if action isn’t taken.

He told this week’s meeting of the Municipal District that it’s a very busy junction which needs to be addressed urgently.

“At the moment you’ve nearly 300 houses in that estate, up at that side of town.

“But all the busses and coaches from the school are all using that junction because of the Covid regulations. It’s starting to become a very busy junction.

“We’ve removed the flower bed on one side and we’ll hope to do the one on the other side. But I was calling on the council to do something more with flashing lights or do something with traffic lights on that junction because a situation could evolve there with the amount of traffic that could lead to a fatality.”