Locals call for traffic calming in Littleton

Photo from Google Maps

A petition with over 300 signatures has been handed in to Tipperary County Council seeking action on speeding issues in Littleton.

Locals have voiced particular concern about driver behaviour near St Kevin’s National School, and want traffic calming measures to be put in place.

Sharon Morris and her family live opposite the school, and she has been leading the effort to build the petition.

She’s calling for radar speed signs to be set up in the village, as well as improvements to the pedestrian crossing.

“Older people living in houses at night time, a couple of people have said to me that they hear the cars going up the road, and you could have one following another one and they’re speeding.

“And if you’re an elderly person in bed at night, the first thing you’re going to say is, ‘there’s going to be a bang’. That’s what’s coming next.

“But it’s not just the night time. It’s during the day too. There’s a high level of traffic.”