Local campaign group threaten to take N24 concerns to Ombudsman

Photo courtesy of David Moloney

The N24 Facebook Group has effectively issued an ultimatum to Tipperary County Council about issues with the N24 near Tipp Town.

They have raised a number of questions regarding what they feel are unsafe roads in the Tipperary area with the CEO of the County Council.

Among the locations highlighted are Barronstown Cross between Tipp Town and Limerick Junction, the use of “rat runs” in Tipp Town and Bohercrowe Roundabout.

They have also raised questions about Tipperary County Council’s complaints handling system, collision rates on both national roads & local streets and requests made by Transport Infrastructure Ireland to the local authority.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier spokesperson for the N24 Facebook Group David Moloney was critical of the lack of interaction from the Council.

“The Council have ignored e-mails going back two months and they have refused to actually engage with us to discuss the issues.

“Then they sent out a letter last week more or less making out that I was personally vexatious and they were going to use that as an excuse not to answer all my previous e-mails. So I put together a list of all the e-mails that we have raised issues about and I’ve given them ten days to respond or I will refer them to the Ombudsman of the Minister for Transport.”