Council to seek funding for Dundrum walkway

Photo from Google Maps

A local councillor has requested an application be sent to the Integration Minister to implement a new walkway in Dundrum.

Councillor Roger Kennedy brought the suggestion forward at this month’s district meeting to upgrade the current route from Dundrum House to Dundrum Village to a walkway.

This comes as more than 200 Ukrainians now reside in Dundrum House and frequently walk this route, which has uneven terrain and is potentially dangerous to walkers.

An application will now be prepared and sent to Minister Roderic O’Gorman with the request in respect of locals and Ukrainians in the area.

Cllr. Kennedy says it would be utilised by locals and Ukrainians.

“It is dangerous at the minute because people walk in the grass margin along parts of it, and then they’ve got to come out on the road and go back in; it is awkward. It’s not suitable. If it was level and of a suitable surface for walking on, that would help. Local children use it as well when they’re walking to the village; their parents don’t like them using it because it’s not particularly safe on that stretch. But if there was some type of walkway there, it would be well-utilised.”

Speaking of Minister Roderic O’Gorman, Cllr. Kennedy also weighed in on the Integration Minister’s idea to use “floatels” to house asylum seekers.

Last week, it was reported that the Port of Cork Company was in talks with the state about introducing on-water accommodations.

Councillor Roger Kennedy says it certainly is a viable option and a step up from the current conditions some homeless people experience.

Speaking to Tipp FM, the Fianna Fail councillor says it might work at the likes of Lough Derg.

“I don’t think we’d have too many “floatels” in the county; we don’t have areas suitable for them. Maybe the only area that could be utilised in that way would be Lough Derg, because you do need somewhat deep water. The River Suir wouldn’t be deep enough within the county for something like that. It would be far better than having a tent on the side of the street. There would be showering and toilet facilities onboard the ship as well. It would be a step up for those who are currently homeless.”