Consultations to take place on Littleton works

Littleton Pic 2 © Tipp FM

Traffic calming works in the village of Littleton have been deferred for a number of weeks.

It follows a protest by some residents on St Brigid’s Terrace who have been highlighting concerns about the speed of traffic in the area for some time.

Contractors for the County Council began work this week on widening the footpaths on the terrace – however people living in the ten houses effected by the works say they will lose parking spaces as a result.

They feel there was a lack of consultation with them prior to the works commencing.

Noelle McCarthy feels there were other options available to the council.

“My mam lives in Brigid’s Terrace – I’m living in Two Mile Borris at the moment. The lads were told that they couldn’t do speed ramps but yet in Two Mile Borris where I am they have two speed ramps going the full way across the road at either end of the school. There’s houses on both sides – so if they can do it over there why can’t they do it here?”