Calls for road strengthening on routes hit by recent Borrisokane works

Councillor Joe Hannigan

Councilor’s in Lower Ormond are calling for road strengthening on routes affected by recent Borrisokane works.

The N52 Birr Road had been closed for around six weeks, forcing temporary traffic diversions onto back roads which aren’t used to that level of traffic.

Councilor’s have asked the Council to make a case to Transport Infrastructure Ireland for funding to strengthen the routes which have suffered.

Local independent Councillor Joe Hannigan has been outlining the issue.

“They’re in a poor state – obviously these minor roads wouldn’t be accustomed to heavy traffic. You’ve lorries – maybe 30 tonnes – travelling them. They’re just not capable of catering for that type of traffic.”

“The local authority has done the best they can with them but we’re looking for these roads to totally revamped and strengthened to be brought back to better than they were.”