Call for Irish Water to improve their housekeeping

Photo © Tipp FM

Irish Water has been criticised for leaving rubble behind after carrying out works in a South Tipp village.

Sinn Fein TD Martin Browne has raised the issue with Tipperary County Council following the incident which happened in Ardfinnan over the weekend.

He says a significant amount of rubble was left in St Anne’s Terrace which impeded access for residents as well as creating what he says was a health and safety hazard.

“There’s a ‘turn-around’ area down at the end of the estate and all the rubble was dumped down there. Now this is the second occasion that has happened and concerns had been raised that residents can’t get in and out or can’t use the ‘turn-around’ area.”

“Now to be fair when we contacted the council they moved it but what we would be calling for is that when this type of work is being done the rubble for safety reasons alone should not be left inside in the middle of an estate – have a truck ready to take away that rubble.”

The Sinn Féin TD says not only did this hamper residents in the area but also impacted on a popular local walkway.

“There’s a Grove Walk – a pedestrian walkway – and Tidy Towns in the village have done an awful lot of work in that area.”

“To see this kind of rubble blocking that area it doesn’t look good and it doesn’t need to happen.”

“We’ve seen this in other areas with Irish Water around the county and the country – they seem to want to be a law unto themselves and dump stuff in residential areas like that instead of just moving it.”