Average speed camera on M7 in North Tipp from next Monday

Photo © Google Maps

Motorists are being advised about a new speed camera which will come into operation next week in North Tipp.

A ‘Motorway Average Speed Safety Camera’ will be in place on the M7 between Junction 26 and Junction 27 – in both directions which will monitor the average speed of a vehicle between two points, with an 80 euro fine and 3 penalty points for those exceeding the limit.

Although there’s been a similar camera in place in the Dublin Port Tunnel, it’s the first time one will be deployed on an Irish motorway.

Motoring and Transport Commentator Conor Faughnan isn’t sure it will work.

“To my mind the Port Tunnel was always a pretty good location to put an average speed camera.

“Putting them out on a motorway itself – I’m not entirely convinced. I mean it will do no harm but motorways are the safest roads that we have by a distance anyway.

“So I don’t think there’s likely to be a significant road safety dividend from it.”