Ambulance Service chief hits out at North Tipp attacks

Photo © Pat Flynn

The Director of the National Ambulance Service has condemned an incident in North Tipp which resulted in an ambulance being removed from service.

A number of motorists, including two paramedics, had a lucky escape after rocks were dropped onto their vehicles from flyovers on the M7 near Nenagh in the early hours of Thursday morning.

In a statement released to Tipp FM, the National Ambulance Service has confirmed that an emergency ambulance was damaged following the incident.

It was one of five vehicles targeted – others included 3 trucks and a jeep.

The ambulance and crew were returning to their base in Roscrea with no patient on board when the incident occurred.

Both crew members were brought to UHL for treatment and were later released from hospital.

The ambulance was also removed from service as a result but is now back in service.

The Director of the National Ambulance Service, Martin Dunne told Tipp FM News that he wished to condemn what he deemed a mindless act, which put the lives of his staff and the general public at risk.

6 individuals were arrested in relation to the incidents – including 2 juveniles.

They are said to be from the North Tipp and Clare areas – three of those arrested have been charged with a file to be prepared for the DPP.