Return to old reliables as Nenagh toy store hosts virtual toy show this evening

A local toy shop owner says COVID has resulted in a lot of people reverting to the old reliable toys.

Michael Cleary of JKC’s Toymaster in Nenagh says he’s seen the rise of boardgames since the pandemic began.

There’s also been a big increase in trampoline sales.

He’s hosting his own virtual Toy Show this evening and says there’s been NO new toy that’s really taken the market by storm this year:

“We’re noticing a huge uptake in jigsaws, games, lego, dolls – there’s a range of dolls. Barbie is huge but also older generation dolls.

“That go-to toy that you just have to get, there doesn’t seem to be one of those this year.

“I go to all the toy shows abroad, but they were all restricted this year because of COVID. So I think the companies just didn’t get the stuff out and they didn’t get to test the market and stuff like that.

“Look, it’s going to be a different Christmas in more ways than one and the toy trade is reflecting that.”

JKC Toymaster’s toy show will be streamed live between 8pm and 9pm tonight on their Facebook page.

They originally started doing the show ahead of Christmas in 2016 when roadworks were taking place in the town, greatly disrupting his trade.

Michael said it’s been going from strength to strength:

“Thankfully, since 2016 it’s grown and now the tagline is ‘Cancel the babysitter’ because we’ve a show that we’re putting out this evening – we’re streaming it live. So it’s a live TV show where we’re showing a lot of the products that we like to sell, that we know are good products.

“It’s very exciting. It’s my favourite day of the year in the toy trade!

“I look forward to it literally from January – it’s about putting the toy extravaganza together.

“I worried for a long time would I be able to do it this year. But thankfully, thanks to technology and Spain AV, we’ve managed to put it together and look, I can’t wait until this evening.”