Tipperary priest says we should not go ahead with sacraments for a few more weeks.

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Five bishops have now told their parishes they can resume communions and confirmations, despite government advice.

The Bishop of Raphoe is the latest church leader to defy the ban on holding the sacraments in his diocese.

He joins bishops in Waterford & Lismore, Elphin, Clogher and Meath in giving the go-ahead for the services.

However Fethard based Fr Iggy O’Donovan says it’s too soon.

“For the sake of a few weeks I think it would be a pity if we were seen to compromise or change tack at the last moment.”

“I think it’s not worth the risk. I think if we saw it out and the vaccination going the way it is I think that in a few weeks’ time we’d be from many points of view in a stronger position.”