Sisters of Mercy offer Templemore convent to Ukrainian refugees

A prominent building in Templemore is being offered to house Ukrainian refugees.

Thousands of those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine have been making their way to Ireland with a call going out for people to offer rooms in their homes or the use of vacant properties.

The Sisters of Mercy in Templemore have offered their 14 bedroom convent in the town to the Irish Red Cross.

Local Councillor Noel Coonan describes it as a very generous gesture.

“Often times we criticise Religious Orders over issues but in this situation they have offered their premises – the convent grounds in Templemore – to the Irish Red Cross.

“They were preparing it for sale – as you know the nuns have recently vacated – there’s still one nun living there.

“It’s quite a sizeable premises with lots of open spaces, lots of facilities, close to the centre of town and would make an ideal place.

“I suppose they’re setting an example for other organisations and groups right across the country.”