Most priests anxious to get back to their duties

Photo © Pat Flynn

The Bishop of Killaloe says there has been nervousness among some priests about returning to public duty but believes the vast majority are eager to get back.

Churches reopened for daily masses on Monday, albeit with 50 person limits in place for indoor gatherings.

People over the age of 70 had been cocooning during the recent lockdown, which included many priests.

Bishop Fintan Monahan says he’s been in touch with all priests in the Killaloe diocese recently to assure them there’s no pressure to return to public duty.

“I think communities will be hugely understanding of priests that are in that category as well as the people that are coming to liturgies to ensure that they aren’t overburdened or put in any danger in any way.”

“But to my delight and surprise the vast majority were in good health, good shape and they were absolutely anxious to get going again and just wanted to be literally on the road to do what they do on a daily basis which is to be with their congregations and to celebrate liturgies.”