Lowry: All religious orders should apologise for suffering in Mother and Baby Homes

Photo from Oireachtas

Tipperary TD Michael Lowry is calling on all religious orders to publicly apologise to the survivors of Mother and Baby Homes.

His comments in the Dáil follow an apology by Taoiseach Micheál Martin on behalf of the State yesterday, saying that women and children sent to these homes were failed.

The independent TD assessed the shame and suffering which survivors had to endure at institutions including Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea.

“They weren’t allowed to mix with each other. Friendships were forbidden by the nuns although shared suffering drew the girls together.”

“At night these frightened girls lay in bed – the screams rang out along the corridor as one of them went through childbirth without a hint of mercy or even a kindly word.”

“Yet those were not the screams that haunted these girls for the rest of their lives – rather it was the unnatural heart rending cries of a mother who discovered that her baby was gone. Gone without any warning, gone without a mothers kiss goodbye.”