Local priest says sacraments will be going ahead next month

Photo © Tipp FM

A Tipperary priest says communions and confirmations will be held from the middle of next month.

The sacraments are precluded from being held under current Covid guidelines.

Parish Priest Administrator in the parishes of Ardfinnan and Newcastle Father Michael Toomey announced on social media yesterday afternoon that communions and confirmations will be back on from mid-August.

Some feel new rules coming into effect from next Thursday will still preclude them from going ahead.

However speaking on Tipp Today Fr Toomey said Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan had given the green light.

“The Bishops met and after careful consideration apparently they have written to the Taoiseach to let him know that they are going to start administering these sacraments in some parishes from mid-August with the current Covid guidance and protocols.”

My own Bishop informed me yesterday that in light of that we can use our own pastoral discretion in allowing the sacraments in our parishes from mid-August.”

Fr Toomey has also criticised the government for not engaging with religious leaders when it comes to Covid restrictions.

He says discussions were held with those in the hospitality sector but not the religious congregations.

“We’re left hanging basically so I’m glad that the Bishops have finally made a decision to proceed with caution. I will still only have the bare minimum in the church – the child, the sponsor and two other people. That’s in relation to confirmation.”

“We will follow the guidelines, we will still advise people not to have big elaborate parties afterwards and we will do our best that way.”

“Until we hear differently we have to start planning ahead.”