Local priest says government still not engaging with those at the heart of coping with Covid

Photo © Tipp FM

A Tipperary priest has highlighted the ongoing lack of contact between the Government and religious leaders in relation to communions and confirmations.

While a number of Bishops have given the go-ahead for the sacraments to take place there has been no official ruling from the government.

Fr Michael Toomey is the Parish Priest Administrator for Ardfinnan and Newcastle.

Speaking on Tipp Today he said the lack of engagement is a major issue.

“They’re not talking to people – I’m not just talking about the Church here now – they’re not talking to people at the coalface. Musicians, sports people, all different agencies. That’s really where I think the government have failed us.”

“I know it’s been a very difficult and a challenging time but I’d encourage before they make a decision speak to people on the ground about how this will impact. There’s no real clarity for us and it’s not just the church its thousands of families up and down the country.”