Local priest calls for easing of restrictions on attending funerals

Photo from Google Maps

A Tipperary priest says it’s disappointing that we will not get to mark the most important event in the Christian calendar as we traditionally do.

Current Covid-19 restrictions mean that the annual Easter celebrations will not be taking place this coming weekend.

Glen of Aherlow native Fr Iggy O’Donovan is a priest at the Augustinian Abbey in Fethard says Christian worship is a communal thing.

While accepting where the authorities are coming from he hopes some changes can be made particularly when it comes to funerals.

“What struck me most in recent months has been funerals. I’ve gone to a few and we’ve had some here in the Abbey in Fethard including one just two weeks ago where a very popular local man had died.”

“Many, many people wanted to attend but the family said look we can’t and I remember looking into the church – a large empty cold church – at ten people in the front two rows and that was it. That is an area where leeway could be given.”