Deleted Mother & Baby Homes tapes cannot be retrieved

The Children’s Minister has said he’s been told by the Commission investigating Mother and Baby Homes that deleted tapes of witness testimony are not retrievable.

Roderic O’Gorman says he has engaged with the Attorney General over the matter, which has been strongly criticised by many Mother and Baby Home survivors who say they didn’t give consent.

The Minister fielded questions on the Commission’s work in the Dáil yesterday, and was also asked about the role local authorities can play in helping survivors.

Some councils have apologised for the actions of Mother and Baby Homes in their jurisdiction, and this has been welcomed by Minister O’Gorman.

“Most of us come that route of a very nice understanding of what our local authority does and to think that they were so intrinsically linked with what was happening in these institutions.”

“So I think those apologies from Cork, from Galway, from other local authorities is very appropriate and I think we’re happy to engage maybe with local authorities but I do think they can maybe step up themselves.”