Commemorative event planned for Sean Ross Abbey

There are still unanswered questions around Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea.

That’s the message from Members of the We Are Still Here group, who are organising their first commemorative event at the site since 2018 for this weekend.

This occasion will have a number of speakers including Patrick McDermott who was born at the abbey and Sinn Fein Leader Mary Lou McDonald.

Teresa Collins from the organising committee says these events are important because they need more answers with over 1,000 burials still unaccounted for.

“As far as we can identify with the amount of remains that they gave in of 269 was the amount of interment of babies that were found at the angel plot but looking at the 1974 map where it was the one field we have a funny feeling … that there are burials in that field. So we are looking for that field to be scanned as well going right back to the Orchard Wall as we know it.”

It is also hoped that more people will start to share their experience of Sean Ross Abbey.

Teresa told Tipp today that encouraging people to share their stories, even confidentially, would help build a full history of the Abbey for the people of Roscrea.

“We’re hoping to get people to speak out we’re not looking to blame people at this stage, it’s just to put our history together and the history of the Abbey together, …and even if someone has memorabilia or stories or was related or they worked there, they speak privately they don’t have to give a name… archives are the most important thing.”

The commemoration will take place at 1pm in Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea this Sunday.