Clonmel man says Taoiseach’s Mother & Baby Homes apology not enough

A Tipperary Mother & Baby Home survivor says the Taoiseach’s state apology in the wake of the publication of the Mother and Baby Homes Commission report will not bring back the years he missed with his mother.

Pat Williams was taken by force from his mother to the Bessborough Home in Cork following his birth in Clonmel while she was brought to an institution in Mullingar.

His mother took her own life a year later – speaking on Tipp Today Pat said Micheál Martin’s apology will not change things for him.

“I don’t think his heart was actually in it.”

“My Mam is not going to hear it, it’s no good to my Mam.”

“She died because of what the nuns did to her and me so an apology is not going to bring back the 43 years that I should have had with my Mam because the nuns took it away from us.”

“What use is that.”