King’s Yard in Skeheenarinky to be resurfaced after funding boost

Photo © Tipp FM


The road to King’s Yard in Skeheenarinky is set to be resurfaced thanks to a funding boost of 80,000 euro.

It leads to the Galtees and is within the remit of Tipperary County Council, while King’s Yard itself is under Limerick City and County Council.

Councillor Marie Murphy said that the road needs to be improved, both for walkers and also emergency service access.

She told Tipp FM that she’s hopeful the works will be done before the summer season starts.

“The road up to King’s Yard is in extremely poor condition. The road is used by people, whether they’re out hillwalking, climbing the Galtees.

“I’m on a regular basis onto the council to fill the potholes up to the yard and it’s great that under climate change adaptation funding that we’ve received €80,000.

“It’s something that I’ve been pushing for a number of years, I’ve worked with three different engineers on this particular one now, so I’m delighted that we’re going to see work done on it in the current year.”