Recycling bin belonging to Clonmel Childcare stolen and set on fire

Photo from CCTV at Clonmel Childcare | Photo (c) Clonmel Childcare on Facebook

A recycling bin stolen from a Clonmel business and later set on fire is being described as a “mindless act of vandalism”.

Three boys were spotted on CCTV outside Clonmel Childcare on the Cashel Road taking the industrial-size recycling bin at 7.45 on Sunday evening.

The bin was set on fire moments later in a nearby area.

Owner Darren Ryan was able to spot the three boys on CCTV the next day, and Gardaí are investigating the incident.

Darren highlighted the issue on social media in recent days:

“The post we put up on our Facebook page was really just to kind of highlight and say you know, ‘as brave as you thought you may have been coming in at a quarter to 8 on a Sunday night, you forgot to smile for us on our CCTV system.’

“A lot of people have contacted us. We have been in contact with the Gardaí and we have shared all the images and the material that we have.”

Darren described how they got into the area:

“The LIT campus on the inner-relief road is to the back of us. So they came through the hedging – they cut through the fencing and came through the hedging – in onto our site.

“And as bold as brass, they took the wheelie bin and brought it back up around the side of the building and out through the hedge.

“And a couple of moments later we can see flames in the distance of our bin smouldering up in the field.”