Questions raised over Minister commitment to Templemore Flood Relief project.




Junior Finance Minister Brian Hayes has been called on to honour his commitment to Templemore Town Council on the proposed flood relief scheme in the town.

The matter was raised at this weeks meeting of North Tipp County Council.

On the insistence of Councillors Michael Smith and Eddie Moran, the Council wrote to Brian Hayes asking him to honour the commitment he gave for flood relief works in Templemore.

But in his reply, Brian Hayes said that there was some ground contamination and remediation issues that would need to be addressed IF the works were to go ahead.

But Councillor Smith said there no 'if's' in the Ministers commitment and that he even went so far to say that €6 million had been ring fenced for the project and a firm commitment was given.

He said that under Minister Hayes' promise, works were to begin in the summer.

Councillor Moran said that while delays exist, peoples homes continue to be flooded. He also said the issue had been dragging on for 18 months.

The Minister has said he will make enquiries and get back to the Council.