Public opposition to proposed 28 bed hotel near the Rock of Cashel

Photo © Tipp FM

The proposed 28 bed hotel near the rock of Cashel could preclude it from becoming a UNESCO World Hertiage Site.

That is according to director of Abarta Heritage Ltd, Neil Jackman who said it is not about accommodation or further investment in Cashel but about location.

The greenfield site is where the 1647 Battle of Inchiquinn took place and has not been explored for historical artifacts and once building commences all this will be lost

Archaeologists and locals alike have expressed deep reservations about the planned development.

Today is the closing date for receipt of objections with a decision expected on the by 19th December

Talking to Tipp Today Neil said for the people of Cashel a beautiful sight would be changed forever.

“What are we left with then, so we have this hotel on the slopes of the Rock of Cashel, one of the most iconic beauty spots in the whole of Ireland, and that does not only affect its material integrity of the archaeology and all these academic things

It affects the people of Cashel, the view of this beautiful site would be changed forever and most importantly of all it would go very much against the plans to accredit the Rock of Cashel with world heritage status.”

However, former Mayor of Cashel says the proposed development would not impact on
it being designated a World Heritage Site.

He thinks a comprehensive archaeological study on the proposed site would allay these fears.


“For me then the bottom line is if the planners and after doing all these surveys feel that there is potential to do this development. Well then once the quality and the quantity of it is in
keeping with the area I wouldn’t see a problem with it myself.”