Protest in Littleton sees road works deferred

Littleton Protest. ©TippFM

Residents on a busy road in the mid-Tipp village of Littleton are this afternoon preventing contractors from carrying out work in the area.

Locals have long been campaigning to have traffic calming measures of some kind put in place by the school on St Brigid’s Terrace.

Tipperary County Council has decided to reduce the width of the carriageway by widening the footpaths on either side of the road.

While glad that action is being taken people living in the ten houses effected by the works say they will lose parking spaces as a result.

Sharon is one of those to have parked their cars on the road to prevent the work continuing today:

” we looked for safety measures to be put in place and that is happening but we didn’t agree to the width of the footpaths that are going in. Anyone parking outisde these houses or even coming to drop their kids to school this won’t suit any parent going to drop their child to school if they have other small kids too they are going to half either up or down the village and walk. That’s not going to be very nice in January when it’s raining.”

In the last number of hours council officials have made contact in relation to the situation the works have now been deferred for a number of weeks pending consultation.