President of Tipperary Chamber says businesses should be allowed to reopen on sector-by-sector basis

Photo © Artaxerxes

The President of Tipperary Chamber wants businesses to be allowed to reopen on a sector-by-sector basis.

Paula Carney-Hoffler believes that current restrictions are likely to remain in place for another few weeks, but believes that businesses which can adhere to social distancing guidelines, should be allowed to reopen to customers.

Discussions continue this week on whether to ease restrictions before current measures expire next Tuesday.

But Paula thinks it’s unlikely that we’ll see much immediate change:

“From what we see in the media and from the government, I really can’t see the expiration going ahead. I can see it going on for another few weeks possibly.

“There is great concern in the business community. The longer business stays closed, the harder it is for business to open again.

“We wait in hope but with baited breath, as they say.”

Paula also says a stimulus package for small businesses has to be put in place to help them recover after Covid-19.

She says that low cash reserves will mean that many businesses will struggle to reopen while introducing measures to encourage social distancing.