Shannon Pipeline project raised in the Dáil

Photo © Tipp FM

The Tánaiste has been challenged in the Dáil about Irish Water’s efforts to tackle leakage in the Dublin water supply.

Clare TD Michael McNamara raised the issue in the context of the plans for the Shannon pipeline, a project which would see 300 million litres of water pumped each day from the Parteen Basin, across Tipperary, to supply Dublin.

With the quiet streets of Dublin due to the current lockdown, deputy McNamara has asked the Tánaiste Leo Varadkar why a greater effort isn’t being made right now to tackle some of the leaking in the capital.

“One of the main reasons given for not fixing the leaks in Dublin is interference with commercial activity on our streets.”

“Now that there is no commercial activity on the streets of Dublin at the moment is now not the time to fix the leaks in Dublin?”

In reply Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said “It may well be and Irish Water has an increase in its capital budget for this year to carry out repairs and improvements in Dublin and all over the country. And it has been designated as essential construction so they can go ahead with that.”